Welcome to Dianeshoney.

Due to recent political issues in the US , we are no longer able to keep up with the massive regulatory burdens and mandates placed on small business. We tried to make it through the first 4 yrs of President Obama's tyranny but have been ignored by both parties and left with massive losses.

As of Jan 2012 We have been closed for any sort of business. Perhaps one day when we again have a government driven by the needs of the governed and not the seeming contest of who can amass the most wealth in the least amount of time, a new generation of small business owners can arise and actually provide services.

To those who have relied on our products for weddings, movie productions, and relaxation. We are sorry to have let you down. Perhaps one day another supplier will rise from the ashes with domestic product. Sadly it won't be us.

Thank you for the wonderful years of patronage, I hope our politicians are enjoying the profits they took from us to fund such a lavish lifestyle.

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